Hello friends! 

It's been a little bit since we were able to do an update…there’s so much going on!

Our INSPIRATIONS CAMPAIGN with Walton got millions of views nationally and internationally, raising awareness about Mulholland in ways that we couldn't even have expected. One of the clips went viral with over 1,000,000 views! We’ll do another campaign when we can find the time between Walton’s crazy schedule with the Amazon's show FALLOUT, The RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES and the next season of the HBO show WHITE LOTUS. Lots going on for the man!!

Our web store keeps building and we’ve  been sending bottles all over the country…which is super exciting for us to share our spirits with folks who couldn’t get it before.

Also, lots of cool things in the pipeline! Working on a low ABV version of our Award-Winning New World Gin. It's still gluten-free and all natural with just 1/4 of the alcohol. Still that same delicious Mulholland Gin but with less punch! That should be ready sometime in the next six months and we're really excited about it as the trend towards low ABV and no ABV spirits is trending up!! 

We're also working on a really cool  Mulholland RTD cocktail in a can! Can’t tell you what it is…yet. It should be done shortly and it’s all-natural and organic super delicious. We’ll let you know when it’s ready. Still working on the can design and packaging and basic logistics. We'll try to get that into Whole Foods by summertime.

Valentine's Day is coming and we're featuring a special Valentine's Day cocktail…The Mulholland Valentine's Day Negroni. It’s super tasty and just like holiday…a little bitter and a little sweet. 

As always, we truly appreciate your support and belief in us. We’re working so hard to take to Mulholland to the next level, putting us on shelves and in bars/restaurants in more places every day and continuing our growth in 2024 and beyond.


Walton & Matt